Eco Fashion Week Australia: The Fashion Labels

Welcome to part two of Eco Fashion Week Australia: The Fashion Labels. In this, the second installment of our series, we have a short introduction to two designers from opposite sides of the world. Though they come from very different locations, both are working towards the same sustainable goal. One thing we here at MOCHNI are very happy to see, is the emphasis the designers we are newly discovering are placing on Zero Waste Production – and these two are no exception!

Connally McDougall

Vancouver based Connally McDougall launched her eponymous fashion label back in 2012. Right from the get-go, Connally has focused on creating ethically made sustainable fashion for the mindful consumer. She uses materials such as organic cotton, wool, silk, and faux leather. Connally’s line of handbags has been created using reclaimed faux leather from the roll ends from factories; material that would have ended up as waste otherwise. Zero Waste production is very important to Connally, and not adding more waste to our already over polluted natural environment. There is something for everyone within her collection of modern garments and accessories.


Instagram: @connallymcd


ALTEVA, an Australian based sustainable fashion label, will be a newcomer on the eco fashion scene and will be showing their first collection at the EFWA in Perth in November! (We here at MOCHNI will be among some of the first to see!) The designer behind the brand, Sarina Menzies, comes from a family rich in artistic talent – her mother was an opera singer and her father was an architect. You can certainly see the influence this has had on her career! She works to ensure offcuts do not find their way into landfill and often works with reclaimed or recycled materials; in fact her first collection is created from 100% recycled bottles.


Instagram: @alteva_

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